We make events more sustainable by repurposing materials you have to build temporary architecture you need 

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Looking for sustainable structures for your next event?

Mellow Designs is developing pop-up structure systems to help festivals and events to save money and reduce waste by repurposing unused materials and transforming them into a temporary architecture.

Construction Plans

Custom Design

  • Custom product development

  • Unique, tailored solutions for highest customer satisfaction

  • Individual approach to your project


System Solutions

  • Mellow Joint™ connection system

  • Mellow Pod™ structures

  • Mellow Wall™



  • Sustainability analysis

  • Life cycle assesment

  • Architecture & Construction


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In Mellow Designs we develop alternative usage cases for already existing products. We create system solutions for temporary pop-up architecture and implement unused materials into pop-up architecture to make the building process quick, simple, and accessible.


We develop products that have circularity in its core. We focus on prolonging the material’s life cycle, cherishing its value, and reducing its environmental impact.


Zero-waste philosophy inspires us. Our solutions  can be repurposed and engage you to repurpose. Our products are 100% recyclable, and we only use sustainable materials.